of the month

March 2021

Ms. Melody Pecchiari

Elementary Italian Teacher


How long have you taught at IST?
I have been teaching at IST since 2013; it’s already been 8 years! IST is my second home though, I was a student here myself.

Describe IST in 3 words.
Emotional: I have beautiful memories as a student and am making new amazing ones as a teacher. Energetic: everyone and every activity around IST is always full of energy and creative ideas. Safe: it’s a place I can call home, not only because I’ve been here all my life, but because it prepares you to live out there, in a multi-ethnic world.

What is your favorite thing about the community?
The community spirit is found all around our school: from teachers, children, parents, PTA. Everyone works together for the same goal. I love how the sense of cooperation is spread out.

What are the typical characteristics of an IST student?
Students learn how to be cooperative, respectful and independent.

What is your favorite memory at IST?
As I said, I have years of good memories, but the one memory that sticks out every time is the joy of my students at the end of each year. Those smiles represent a victory for us teachers.

What would you be if you weren’t a teacher?
My dream, since I was a little girl, was to become a teacher, but another thing I started to appreciate growing up was cooking. My mom is a great cook and she has taught me the importance of combining different tastes to make a new unique flavor.