School Services

Transportation / Supervision / Catering


The availability of the below services may be updated according to governmental guidelines regarding health and safety. 

The School offers the following transport services:


1.    City bus shuttle: There is a daily 50 seat bus service to and from the centre of the city.

  • Morning departure from Piazza Oberdan 8:00 AM (arrival IST 8.25 AM)
  • Afternoon departure from IST 4:00 PM (arrival Piazza Oberdan 4:25 PM)

Stops can be arranged along the route by parental request. There is always a teacher on the bus to ensure student safety.


2.   Regional bus shuttle: It is possible to organize transportation for students who live outside Trieste. The route and costs are set each year based on requests by parents. Currently two buses run:

  • one 19 seat bus for Udine based students which departs from Udine train station;
  • one 29 seat bus which departs from Ronchi and with stops in Monfalcone, Duino and Sistiana.

The above mentioned busses can also be used occasionally, subject to availability of seats.


The school offers an early morning and afternoon supervision service for students in Early Childhood. The start date for supervision services during the 2020-2021 year will be communicated to IST families.


  • Early morning supervision is from 7.30 to 8.30 AM, and is FREE. There is a teacher in charge and the children stay indoors. This service is also available for Elementary students. (Currently suspended due to the health situation)


  • Afternoon supervision is from 3.00 to 3.45 pm. There are either two or three teachers depending on need and, weather permitting, the Early Childhood children can use the back garden (equipped with swings, soccer field, tricycle path and sandbox).


It is not necessary to request these services for the entire school year; if there are places available, the services can also be used occasionally.


School fees at the International School of Trieste include lunch for all students as well as snacks for children in the Early Childhood. The food is prepared daily in the school kitchen by a chef and a team of five assistants.


An alternative to the daily menu is always available for vegans/vegetarians and students who have allergies or specific dietary requirements. Any requirements must be confirmed in writing to the Office who will inform kitchen staff and teachers, where relevant.


Pedevilla is the catering company for the 2021/2022 school year


Over the course of the year, the kitchen also prepares traditional ethnic and regional menus in conjunction with international festivals (Chinese New Year, Halloween, Easter, etc.).