Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The International School of Trieste delivers an instructional program characterized by world-class education, global perspective, outstanding pedagogy and an ethos of integrity to students from diverse backgrounds with ambitious goals.


Vision Statement

Our challenge is to develop an international culture, versatility of knowledge and the capacity for individual growth.


Core Objectives

To achieve its mission the International School of Trieste is committed to:


  • Developing High Educational Standards

We work toward the constant improvement of both instructional programs and teaching methodology, holding ourselves to the highest international benchmarks.


  • Nurturing an International Spirit

We support integration, diversity, knowledge, plurality, coexistence and mutual respect.


  • Fostering Character Development

We encourage personal growth, value each student’s characteristics, self-esteem, imagination, and goals to contribute to the development of mature, committed and mindful people.


  • Stimulating Academic Curiosity

We accept the challenge to become proactive people, who wish to create and are able to face needs and solve problems, open to the surrounding world with positive and critical thinking.


  • Building Community Ideals

We promote a tangible sense of civic responsibility and apply it to everyday behavior; we encourage a community spirit built on dialogue and acknowledgement, to highlight the values of identity, responsibility and citizenship.