April 2023

Jennie Benvenuti

European School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Field: Physiotherapy

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Jennie Benvenuti

IST Class of 2021


How long did you attend IST?
I attended IST for 11 years: from Grade 4 until Grade 13.

What was your thesis title?
My thesis title was The Effect of Gender Inequality in Professional Sports.

What was your IST house?
KLEOS! The best house in IST – full of energy!!!

In what ways were you prepared for your future studies?
I believe IST helped me a lot in the research department. Having to write my graduation thesis gave me baseline knowledge on how to write an article and how to find sources, in order to provide evidence for a certain concept.

In Grade 5, you planned on being…?
In Grade 5, I planned on being a veterinarian for big animals, such as horses and cows.

What is your favourite memory from your years at IST?
My favourite memory from IST was when the whole IST community met on the old basketball court to hang up the memorial plate for my brother.