University Counseling


The IST University Counseling Center offers guidance and support during the orientation and application process for Italian and foreign universities.  A detailed IST University Handbook is given to all students in Grade 11.


Below is a list of the main features of the IST University Counseling Services.



  • University Brochures and Prospectuses
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Test Preparation
  • Summer, Leadership and Internship Opportunities
  • University Application Process



  • University Applications
  • Test Registration
  • Setting Secondary Education and Career Goals, Deadlines


IST provides students with the following documentation:

  • Transcript record of grades during high school years
  • IST School profile – a brief descriptive summary of IST history, accreditation status, diploma, curriculum and definition of purpose
  • Secondary school report/Counselor’s report and letter of recommendation (usually requested or required for Canadian and US schools)
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers (usually between 1 and 3 are required, depending on the individual university or college)
  • Mid-year Report (updated transcript provided after the 1st semester grades are recorded. This is usually available late January / early February
  • Final transcript (provided after the 2nd semester)
  • Copy of diploma


Timeline of Final Two Years:


  • Students begin to consider a thesis topic, taking into consideration how the thesis topic will contribute to their university application.
  • They make individual appointments with the University Counselor and fill out the University Counseling Questionnaire.
  • A meeting with Grade Twelve parents is held to explain how the application process works.
  • Students begin looking for scholarship opportunities.
  • University counseling workshops take place to guide students in finding the right fit, assessing the chances of admission to potential schools, writing essays for the application, preparing for interviews, planning university visits, preparing for standardized assessments, and working towards being a well rounded applicant.
  • Grade 12 students considering an English-language course or university outside of Italy should register for and complete the IELTS or TOEFL English certification exam.
  • Students may take AP Exams and the SAT I/II.
  • All students are invited to schedule an appointment to meet with Director and University Counselor over the summer before the start of school.



  • At the beginning of the school year, the University Counselor meets with parents and students to assess university goals. The finalized university list is due to the University Counselor.
  • In September, UCAS (UK Application Center) begins taking applications.
  • Students are required to ask two teachers for letters of recommendation.
  • Students register to take the SAT I/II as applicable.
  • The Senior Research Thesis is completed in stages throughout the year.
  • January 15 is the UCAS General Application Deadline (IST deadline is before winter break) and admissions decisions begin coming in.
  • Offers from universities start arriving throughout the remainder of the year and students must notify the universities of decisions.
  • Graduation is held in June.