High School

The High School runs from Grade 9 through Grade 13.


The core subjects are English Language and Literature, Italian Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Languages. In Grades 12 and 13, students may take the B1 or B2 CEFR level external examination in French (DELF), Spanish (DELE) and German (ÖSD).


Electives Grades 9-11: Students choose from 2D Art, Mandarin Chinese I, Math Lab, Communications or Latin. Physical Education is taught in Grade 9 and Grade 10.


Electives Grades 12 -13: Students choose from 3D Art, Mandarin Chinese II, Physics II,  Study Hall, Communication or Latin.


The final two years of High School include an additional subject, Research Design, which supports the production of the capstone assessment in High School, the Senior Thesis. This is an 8000-word academically-rigorous research project involving primary and/or secondary data collection, analysis and publication.