PTC (Parent-Teacher Committee)

The IST PTC (Parent-Teacher Committee) is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization.

Art. 1 – Objectives
The Parent-Teacher Committee (PTC) of the International School of Trieste (IST) is established in order to promote
collaboration between the various constituencies of the School community.
The IST PTC is a nonprofit organization, whose main objectives are:
– to welcome new families and maintain support for already-present families;
– to organize and sponsor social and fundraising events for both parents and students;
– to help teachers organize extra-scholastic activities where cooperation is requested;
– to promote the good standing of the school both in IST and in the wider community.

Art. 2 – Organization of the Committee
The Committee is made up of the Parent Representative to the Board, the Class Representatives and up to three IST
Teachers. Each PTC has a term of one year: it is created via elections organized at the start of each school year and is
concluded at the start of the following year.
The Board Representatives of the Parents, one of whom represents Italian families and the other representing IST’s
foreign families, are elected by the parents and remain in the position for 2 years. The Class Representatives (up to 2 per class) are elected informally at the start of every school year by the parents of each class. The Teachers are nominated at the start of each school year by the Director.
The awarding of the roles within the Board (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) will be decided by the members of the Committee during their first meeting on the basis of competence, aptitude and availability. The roles of Treasurer and Secretary may also be filled by the President or the Vice President.

Art.3 – Committee Functions
The Parent Representatives to the Board coordinate the nomination of the Class Representatives, the organization of the first meeting of the PTC and the familiarization of the new Class Representatives with this document and with the traditional projects of the PTC.
The Class Representatives serve as the official communication channel between parents and school through the PTC.
Therefore, the Parents must be able to rely on the availability of the Representatives in order to develop projects to
share with the PTC. At least one of each grade’s Class Representatives should attend each PTC meeting or find a
substitute when unable to participate.
Class Representatives, with their own activity or that of other volunteers, are responsible for the following:
● supporting school events such as the bake sale, the Welcome Dinner, the Family Day, fundraising, etc.;
● if requested by the Director, helping the teachers in academic activities or educational trips;
● collecting parent donations to support the costs of school parties, decorations and teacher presents.
The Committee does not have a role in matters which concern the didactic program or individual concerns. The group communicates with its own newsletter and with posts sent to the IST Public Relations Contact who manages all publishing.

Art.4 – Committee Funds
The funds necessary for the running of the activities promoted by the Committee, beside possible contributions made by public entities or private organizations, are obtained via donation and a potential yearly voluntary contribution from individual IST families, which will be established by the PTC each year during its first meeting. All funds, which are entirely the responsibility of the PTC, must be used exclusively for the objectives of the Committee.
No goods or services may be sold by the PTC.