PTA (Parent-Teacher Association)

The IST PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization, whose main objectives are:


  • to welcome new families and maintain support for the already established families
  • to organize and sponsor social and fund raising events for both parents and students; the funds are used to benefit our school community by sponsoring programs and purchasing special equipment
  • to help teachers organize classroom activities


During the school year many activities are planned, including: the Welcome Dinner, Welcome Coffee for the new families, Winter Dinner, Family Day, and fund-raising events, where all families are encouraged to participate.


The PTA is made up of the Director, class representatives, teacher representatives, and the parent representatives to the Board. All parents and guardians can be members of the PTA. Class representatives are elected during the first class meetings held in September. During the first PTA meeting the President, the two Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, and the Secretary are elected.


All parents are welcome to attend the PTA meetings, share their ideas and get involved in planning future events. There is no better way to learn about the School, make new friends and contribute at the same time!



Each class at IST has at least one parent representative at the PTA. Representatives are the primary link between class parents and the school, and should be aware of their responsibility toward the other parents, the teachers, and the school.

  1. At least one representative from each class should attend the PTA meetings or find substitutes when unable to participate.
  2. Representatives are required to support PTA and school events, such as bake sales, potluck dinners or other events sponsored by the PTA, by volunteering or finding volunteers from the class.
  3. Representatives should support the class they represent.  This may include volunteering for or finding volunteers for field trips, assisting teachers on different occasions, participate in the bake sales, etc.
  4. They need to distribute the PTA balance sheets and minutes regularly to the class parents.
  5. The representatives have to collect the PTA fees that are needed to cover the following costs: school parties, decorations, presents to teachers, purchase of school items, and the sum of money given to class for small expenses.
  6. They serve as a link in communicating feedback and information between parents and the PTA. As class representatives, parents may count on them to talk about their concerns and ideas they would like to share with the PTA.
  7. They need to establish a classroom phone chain to be activated upon request of the administration.