Application Process


Parents wishing to enroll their children should arrange an initial appointment through the school’s Front Office (from 8:35am to 3:45pm). Parents will be welcomed by members of the school’s Welcome Commitee who will give a tour of the the school and will answer any questions concerning the taught program and school life.


For children seeking admission to the Middle School or High School sections, an admission test and/or an interview with the Director and/or teachers is required in order to determine the scholastic level of the candidate and preparation for the class for which she/he has applied. This also serves to determine if English as a Second Language (ESL) support may be necessary. Student applicants (or their parents) must provide the school with their two most recent report cards upon application.


Admission and enrollment forms will be given to the parents when visiting the school. These can also be downloaded here (see below) or requested via email addressing the request to Ms. Elisa Scremin ( Forms can be submitted the Front Office either in person or via email ( or via fax (+39 040 213122).


With a few exceptions, enrollment is possible at any time during the school year.


Application Form

Enrollment Form& Terms e Conditions

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