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February 2022

Thomas Gruden

General Legal Counsel at Hamilton March

Field: Private Equity – M&A (Energy and Infrastructure)

Thomas Gruden, IST class of 2014

Undergraduate Degree in International Relations at Queen Mary’s University of London. Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP University and Legal Practice Course with M.Sc. in Law, Business and Management at the University of Law.

How long did you attend IST?
I attended IST from Pre-Nursery until graduation in 2014 for a total of seventeen years.

What was your thesis title?
Humanitarian Intervention: Just War Theory – I analysed the role of armed humanitarian interventions in the 20th and 21st century and their evolution.

What was your IST House?
Busara – home to some of the most clever, competitive and fun students with whom I had the pleasure to work alongside, grow and have memorable experiences. Shoutout to Miss Pierson and Mr. Metcalfe for making it such an amazing house.

In what ways were you prepared for your future studies?
IST provided me with a well-rounded education, but most importantly it handed me the tools and practices (e.g., critical thinking, research, public speaking and writing skills) that enabled me to excel in my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

In Grade 5, you planned on being…?
Either join the army or become a lawyer. Law it is.

What is your favorite memory from your years at IST?
IST shaped me in my teenage years and picking one memory above all others does not seem fair. I remember fondly the tournaments, the one-on-one discussions with Mr. Strickley, Ms. Paloma’s Spanish classes and reading Okonkwo 😉 in Ms. Pierson’s Literature class.