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December 2021

Ms. Jennifer Fuller Coppola

Middle and High Art Teacher

Field: Middle and High School

How long have you taught at IST?
I started at IST in 2007 as an assistant teacher in Kinder 3, with the class that I teach now in Grade 12.

Describe IST in 3 words.
A world apart. The school feels like an oasis, with its own unique ecosystem.

What is your favorite thing about the community?
I am also a parent at IST, and I appreciate how much my colleagues really care about all of the students here as individuals and make the effort to see each student’s needs.

What are the typical characteristics of an IST student?
While there is much diversity in backgrounds among the students at IST, most have an appreciation for their place in the world both inside and outside of Trieste. I think that learning in a language that is not native for most students together with classmates from many different backgrounds makes them particularly open-minded.

What is your favorite memory at IST?
The images that flash through my mind when I reflect on the years I have taught at IST include trips with students – muddy caves, Florence, Venice – and colleagues that have come and gone but still feel close through shared experience. But my favorite memories are of students, some that I have known since they were small, who I have gotten to see grow up into adults.

What would you be if you weren’t a teacher?
I would love to work in the theater on stage set production, I’m inspired by the constant creativity and change. But teaching Art History has also given me a great appreciation for archeology, there is so much out there to discover about our past. I’d love to discover something we didn’t know about our ancient ancestors.