of the Month

May 2021

Luca Impellizzeri

IST Class of 2017

Internship at International Relations and Diplomatic Advisory (SNAM)

Field: Politics, Economy, Environment

Luca Impellizzeri, IST Class of 2017
Bachelor Degree at King’s College (London, UK)

How long did you attend IST?
Three yearsfrom Grade 11 to Grade 13.

What was your thesis title?
In my thesis I have investigated the psychological and physical benefits of athletic activities for people affected by Down Syndrome. During my work, carefully supervised by Ms Neubauer and Ms Heisler, I had the pleasure to conduct primary research and interview wonderful and inspiring people.

What was your IST House? 
Shakti – winners for 2 out of 3 of the years I have spent at IST. Happy memories for us while sad for the other houses.

In what ways were you prepared for your future studies?
IST prepared me to tackle university-level and real life scenarios with an out-of-the-box approach. In my high school years I have learnt to interpret information from a different, more International perspective. Equally important was the respect and kindness many wonderful professors have always prioritized.

In Grade 5, you planned on being…?
In Grade 5 I wanted to become a football coach: I’ve abandoned that dream very quickly.

What is your favorite memory from your years at IST?
I have so many incredible memories from my three years at IST: from the school trip in Naples to the day-trip Mr Strickley brought Grade 13 on our last day of school. And of course the Graduation ceremony, a memorable, heartfelt ending to a great story (I think some professors still remember the party we had afterwards).