After school activities

A variety of after school activities are offered Monday to Tuesday to students of all ages. The goal of these activities is to enhance education, promote team spirit and to enrich the skills and potential of every student. The offering is diverse, with ample opportunities to develop intellectually, artistically and athletically. Activities available change year by year including football and a variety of sports as well as German and Chinese.

The activities are offered Monday to Tuesday from 3.50 to 4.50. 

IST works in partnership with several local organizations to provide exciting opportunities to our community:

  • Skiing. IST works with Sci CAI XXX Ottobre to offer IST students skiing lessons on local slopes. Usually IST organizes a snow day.

  • Tennis. An agreement with TCT (Tennis Club Triestino) provides families with one free hour on the court per week and free transport from IST to TCT.

  • Music. This year, elementary students can attend new introductory courses in music, learning how to play the piano, guitar or violin.

  • Thanks to our ongoing partnership with the SVBG (Società Velica Barcola Grignano) sailing club we participated in the latest Barcolana (October 2016) with a stand.

Summer camps will be organised with SVBG, TCT and Alma Pallacanestro Trieste as well as with Golf Club Trieste and Circolo Ippico Triestino (Equestrian Club).