The IST community develops students who have an international outlook, a curiosity for academics and think critically. We welcome those who can help us foster the ideals of this ethos.

Welcome to International School of Trieste

International School Trieste
It was with great enthusiasm and pride that we welcomed 344 students to the school on September 9. The work that the teachers and staff had done during the summer meant that we opened the doors prepared both physically and didactically for the year.
The Orientation and Work Weeks prior to the start of the year brought the teaching staff together and we are very proud of the team that we have. Improvements to the school structure mean that our space is being utilized even more attractively and efficiently than before. In addition to new equipment in and repairs to the Early Childhood Garden, we've added an Elementary Library which is cozy and welcoming and, perhaps most obviously, dramatically improved the reception area with a new Front Office.
I have no doubt that 2015-2016 will be an excellent year to be part of the IST community and 
include a special welcome to those families joining us for the first time. Thank you for already sharing your positive impressions. I look forward to continued contact with all school families throughout the year. 
Ms. Carrie Pierson