Looking forward

our FAMILY DAY  (May, 27th) 

Welcome to International School of Trieste

International School Trieste

It was a pleasure to open the doors to start the 2016-2017 school year. and to greet both new and returning families to the International School of Trieste. Thanks to big plans and summer labors, we welcome our community back to a building which, beginning from the refurbished atrium, has become more welcoming and comfortable.

The staff of the school returned (or joined us) from homes local and abroad, representing both Europe and North America and, from the start, setting the best examples of productive collaboration. Watching grade level and subject area teams work together is a great pleasure. This work continues through the year not just for lesson planning but as curricula are reviewed and developed as well. Building a strong staff connection helps IST demonstrate our community ideals.

We have also taken the opportunity this year to address character education more profoundly and to expand the program from its very successful implementation in the Elementary into the Middle and High School. Beginning in Advisory time but growing into the classrooms and language of instruction, 2016-2017 is the pilot year for this program.

For both teachers and families, this fall returns us to many half-forgotten rhythms: the earlier mornings, homework assignments and balancing time among many activities. We ask a lot of each other at times and the partnerships that result between teachers and families set the example for our students. At IST, that will always look like clear communication between families and staff as well as assuming the best intentions of each other. This is a trait that we cultivate with each Coffee Morning, PTA dinner and email exchange.

Looking forward to a great year,

 The Director
Carrie Pierson