Tuition fees 2018-2019

Kinder 2 part-time - € 4.242,00 *
Kinder 2 full time, Kinder 3 & 4 - € 7.070,00
Kinder 5 - € 7.940,00
Elementary School - € 8.970,00
Middle School - € 9.360,00
High School - € 9.920,00
High School Distance Learning - € 13.900,00
Registration fee (una tantum, for new families only) - € 350,00
Re- registration fee - € 200,00
Supervision - € 387,00
Transportation from Trieste (piazza Oberdan) - € 1.010,00
Transportation from Ronchi dei Legionari - € 2.250,00
Transportation from Udine (train station) - € 2.710,00  

* The part-time option, with the relative reduction of the school fee, is available only in Kinder 2.

** The cost of transportation is based on the number of students using the service during the current school year. The school will communicate possible adjustments depending on the number of students using the service next year.


Terms of Payment:

1.           The school fees cover the entire school year and must be paid through bank transfer only:

·             In one solution by 30th September.

·             In ten instalments of the same amount to be paid by the 15th day of each month starting from September (15.09.18, 15.10.18, ecc…).

2.           The third child’s re-enrolment and annual school fees are subject to a 50% reduction.

3.           There are no reductions or reimbursements in case of student absences.

4.           Payments in arrear for periods of two months or more will result in recourse. An arrear of more than four months can entitle the school to suspend the student from the school.

5.           In case of arrears or failure to pay the school fees both parents shall be held jointly responsible, as provided in the subscribed enrolment form.


General Regulations:

6.         The annual fee includes daily meals and the use of text books on loan which remain the property of the school.

7.         After having submitted the enrolment/re-enrolment form, families withdrawing their children before the beginning of the school year will incur a penalty equal to two months’ tuition for having disregarded the previous commitment according to which the school makes its annual classroom planning.

8.         Parents can withdraw their children before the end of the school year serving three months’ notice. Failure to serve such notice will result in being liable to pay a penalty equal to three months’ tuition fees. In case of reduced notice, the penalty shall be apportioned to the period of notice not served.

9.         The School reserves the right to remove at any time students acting in breach of school regulation.

10.      Signing the present form families acknowledge having seen and commit to respecting the School Handbook posted on the school website ( – school life – handbook).

11.      The Board of Directors fixes the school fees and updates them every year. Under exceptional circumstances, the Board can modify the school fees during the school year.

12.      Under exceptional circumstances the Board of Directors can adopt derogative measures in the terms and conditions specified above.