Field trips

Traveling outside the school walls with their teachers and classmates gives students the opportunity to put their learning into practice and to acquire a better understanding of the world around them.  Field trips at IST are closely integrated with the school's academic program, and are organized for all students, from K2 to Grade 13.  The surrounding area offers a vast choice of excellent sites related to history, art, science, culture, and environmental studies. All field trips are carefully planned and are linked to the artistic, scientific, or historical curriculum.

Students from ECC to Grade 5 take up to three full-day field trips and two half-day trips during the school year. They are linked to the academic program and include visits to museums, farms, parks and exhibitions. Grades 4 and 5, in addition, take an overnight trip related to the environmental studies, either by the coast or in the mountains. Students have the possibility of not only deepening their knowledge of science and nature by observing unique habitats, but also to build a strong team spirit.

Middle School and High School trips are an integral part of the curriculum, and are more focused on the Social Studies, Art and Literature programs. Students take longer trips to visit some of the most important Italian and European cities, such as Florence, Rome, Munich, London, Dublin, Madrid, Berlin. During all the trips students are accompanied by IST teachers and helped by local guides.