The IST Curriculum presents a wide range of disciplines which encourage academic curiosity and confidence in the learner. It is organised into core and non-core subject areas in the IST Kindergarten and IST Elementary School, which are joined by elective courses in the IST Middle School and IST High School.

The initial core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are presented in the IST Kindergarten, with the non-core subject Physical Education introduced in Kinder 4 and Kinder 5, taught by a subject specialist.

In the IST Elementary School a fifth core subject, Italian, is included, taught by native speaker teachers according to the specifications of the Italian Ministry of Education. Art, a non-core subject, is also made available during Grades 1 to 5. Art and Music, non-core subjects, are also made available during Grades 1 to 5.

The IST Middle School sees the arrival of the sixth and final core subject, World Languages. World Languages entails students electing to study one of three modern foreign languages: French, German or SpanishIn Grade students may take the A2 CEF level external examination in French (DELF), Spanish (DELE) and German (Goethe-Zertificat)Additionally, a dual-track elective choice is introduced, through which students may opt to follow either a more classical study path in the form of Latin; or further tuition in the English language as a practical tool in the form of Communications. (NB. Latin is introduced in Grade 7; Extra Italian is presented in the place of Latin in Grade 6). Art and PE continue as compulsory non-core subjects.

The IST High School presents a continuation of the above disciplines, with the addition of two further sets of electives. In Grades 9, 10 and 11 students may select from 2D Art, Mandarin Chinese I or Math Lab. In Grades 12 and 13 students may select from 3D Art, Mandarin Chinese II, Physics II or Advanced Honors Study Hall. PE is discretely taught in Grade 9 and Grade 10 only. In Grade 12 and Grade 13 students may take the B1 or B2 CEF level external examination in French (DELF), Spanish (DELE) and German (Goethe-Zertificat).

The final two years of High School include an additional mandatory subject, Research Design, which supports the production of the capstone assessment in High School, the Senior Thesis Project.

Throughout IST, English language acquisition and learning is conducted using a total immersion model. Hence all subject areas, with the exception of Italian, Latin and World Languages, are exclusively instructed in English.

The IST Curriculum is the product of a development process carried out by faculty members which has examined a variety of curricular models and teaching standards, in order to create a rigorous academic program which prepares students for college and university studies. It is subject to a cyclical review by subject specialists, which ensures that IST maintains a teaching ethos which seeks out and embraces new and distinct ideas in the field of education.